Recommended Reading for May

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9781910012307 Medium

The really really busy person's book on marriage by Rob Parsons and Katherine Hill

'...for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health ...' Maybe those vows are fresh off our lips; maybe they're a rosy memory. Maybe we're still creating a life together - unpacking wedding gifts, decorating a home, savouring candlelit dinners - and we are giving that one special person the very best of us. Or maybe life has taken over - that challenging job, the struggle to pay the mortgage, a long-term illness - and more often our loved one seems to be getting the worst of us. Here is a gift to celebrate the joys and bring encouragement in that shared journey, with wise and witty insights and thoughtful reminders to help couples thrive. Amusing and touching, with laugh-out-loud cartoons which so accurately capture the highs and lows of domestic trials and bliss. A beautiful book to remind us to make the very most of the time we have with the most important person in the world.



The really really busy person's book on parenting by Rob Parsons and Katherine Hill

As parents we live each day at such a pace. One minute we are juggling the dawn scramble for p.e. kit, packing lunchboxes and dealing with toddler tantrums in the supermarket queue and then before we know it, they are filling in job applications. Did we do it right? Did we do it well? There is no one way to be the perfect parent. But there are a hundred ways to be a great parent. This hilarious, engaging little book is packed full with great ideas to help any really really busy parent find that extra minute, to enjoy their kids and to make the very most of every precious moment. Within these few pages are ideas strategies and principles that can revolutionise not only the way we parent, but also the way we feel about our parenting