Harvest Festival Services and Appeal         Ealing-logo-three-colour

Our Harvest Festival falls, this year, on Sunday 2nd October. Our Harvest Appeal is for donations for Ealing Foodbank - items or money welcome.  This has been running for over two years now, and we have a pretty good idea of what is really needed.  Not the fresh fruit and veg that you might think of at Harvest, or indeed anything fresh - but the Foodbank is really short of the following items:

Tined Fruit
Tinned Vegetables - carrots, peas, green beans, sweetcorn, potatoes, tomatoes
Long Life Puddings/Cakes
Sugar - 0.5kg or 1kg only
Nuts - any type/mixed

We can only accept tinned, dried or long life items, so no fresh, refrigerated or frozen food please.

Thank You!