Vicar's update 10th MarchSteve Newbold1

If you were not in church yesterday you can listen to the first in our Lent talks on ‘Life Changing Habits' here.  This week we were thinking about prayer and the ideas I mentioned, of things we can try, are attached to this mailing.  
All of us are having to adjust our behaviour to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.  We want Church to be a safe place where we can come without fear.  

  • Therefore we are changing our practices as follows: 
  • We are discouraging all physical contact such as handshakes, hugs etc and will not be ‘sharing the Peace’
  • Our Prayer Ministry Team will seek to avoid physical contact when praying with people
  • Clergy, servers and Communion distributors are using hand gel before touching the bread and wine
  • In common with many local churches we have decided to withdraw the Common Cup with immediate effect so that for now we will only receive the bread
  • We are thinking through the issues of how we serve refreshments after services and at other events.  We will no longer be serving biscuits at Café times.

I would ask that all group leaders and those running events at church think through the issues that affect their group so that we can be as safe as possible.   Whilst we take these temporary precautions all of us can play our part by regularly washing our hands. Serious as this all is we also need to keep a sense of perspective and remember that we serve a mighty God who is ultimately in control.  
This Saturday (14th) is our evening of comedy and magic with Christian entertainer Steve Legg.  It’s timed at 6.30pm so that families can attend and will be over between 8.30pm and 9pm.    The evening is free but we welcome donations on the night.  Please ensure that you have booked online here.
On Saturday 28th March from 10am to 12.30pm there will be a Quiet Morning at Church on the theme of Whole Life Worship.  Feel free to drop in for 10mins or 2 hours!
On Sunday March 29th at 3 30 pm there we are holding a special service of Songs of Praise.  There will be tea and cakes followed by hymns preceded by a short reflection chosen by members of our Connect Groups.  All are welcome
Two things you can do to support your spiritual journey this Lent…

  1. If you have Spotify on your phone/tablet you can listen to our own church playlist of worship songs that we are singing or soon to learn.  Just search for the Worship@St Stephen’s playlist.   If you want to hear the new song – King of Kings - that we learnt on Sunday at 10.30 you can also listen to it here 
  2. Premier Christianity magazine is a good read with lots of interesting and encouraging articles.  They are giving away a free copy this month to anyone who would like one.  Go to 

Have a good week.