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Jane Maffett

Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19)

My (welsh) mother was a gifted pianist, an Eisteddfod winner in her teens, and my grandfather a church organist - and I have dabbled with flute and piano, so I must have some of their genes!

But as I write this there is much debate on how churches get back to normal services – and it seems that singing, especially the joyful, loud singing we love in a full church, is a high risk activity as we start to emerge from pandemic lockdown – and banned, at least for now. How sad! 

I’ve had spells in my life when I have been unable to sign out loud through loss of voice – and it made me really think about the words of the worship songs and hymns as I heard others sing them.

I have driven with my favourite songs and hymns belting out – and (with Rachael) having a wonderful sing-song on the way back from New Wine.

I have used Spotify, my personal hotspot and a portable speaker to play someone’s favourite worship music in hospital – and recently over the phone to friends who were ill.

I have enjoyed Jo and David’s musicianship in their Facebook sessions, and a range of musicians in our on line Sunday services.

So all is not lost - I know there are other ways for wonderful praise music to continue to enrich my life, whilst I wait with patience to sing again in church (patience being one of the Fruits of the Spirit as explained by Sam recently). 

(PS – my playlist is eclectic and varies month to month – it ranges from Hillsong / Bethel etc, to familiar hymns to choral or the Blessing with even some Taize thrown in! Here is one that speaks to me at the moment – Jesus said that if I thirst.)

Prayer: So (Abba style) ‘thank you for the music’ Lord and may we continue to find you in music in all sorts of different ways.

Prayer Request: For Jo Leeds and all those who contribute to music in our worship services, both online and in person.