Nomination for election to Churchwarden

Parish of St Stephen, Castle Hill, Ealing
Annual meeting of parishioners Sunday 15th May 6.30pm

I, the below named nominee, hereby certify that 
  • I am eligible for election to the office of churchwarden in this parish 
  • I am not disqualified from holding that office, and 
  • I am willing to hold that office. 
Full Name of person being nominated:
Date of Birth:

Please give the names of the people who are nominating you (we will contact them directly to confirm this):
(they must be either members of the electoral roll of this parish, or members of the local government register of electors by virtue of residence in this parish )
Proposer - name and email address Seconder - name and email address

Please read here so you can then confirm your eligibility below
I confirm that I am eligible as below
      I am eligible to be a trustee under Church of England regulations (section 1)
      I am eligible to be a trustee under Charity law (section 2)
      I am a 'Fit and Proper' person under HMRC regulations (section 3)

In lieu of a written signature please insert your name here   Date: