Weekly Update - stamps

First Tuesday Prayers
On Tuesday 6th September we will be having our monthly Prayer Meeting at 8pm when we pray for the needs of our church – this month will have a particular focus on Alpha.
Church Picnic
As we regather this term we will be celebrating together with a bring your own picnic for everyone in Cleveland Park after the 10:30 service on 11th September – do come if you can.
Staff Vacancies
We are advertising for our vacant staff posts (Centre Manager, Worship Pastor and Youth Leader).  Please do pray that we will be successful in recruiting to these crucial roles and help spread the word by passing on the social media posts and adverts as widely as is possible.
Ealing Half Marathon
On Sunday 25th September the Half Marathon will close many of the roads around the church.  Therefore there will be no morning services but instead we will serve a free Café outside from 9.30am accompanied by the UFO Steel Band - do come along and cheer the runners.  There will also be an evening Communion Service at 6pm.
Fairtrade Stall
We are returning to our usual monthly stall selling Fairtrade goods from Traidcraft on the first Sunday of each month this autumn, starting on 4th September. Do come and see our range of store cupboard goods and treats, browse the new Autumn range or discuss all things Fairtrade during Café time between the Sunday services.
Guest Speakers
Richard Todd and Rosemary Croft Trustees of LAMB Healthcare, one of our Mission Partners, will be with us at both services on Sunday 18th September to update us on work at the hospital in NW Bangladesh. LAMB serve the poorest people in a land suffering huge problems with Climate Change. Do make sure you hear of their work in the community, training Healthcare Workers and making sure even those with no money are able to access basic advice and treatment. Learn how some of your giving to Church is used. A leaflet with more information will be available in Church.
Big Green Fair
On Sunday 2nd October from 12:30pm we will be holding the Big Green Fair again. This is a National celebration of all that we can do to work together to reduce carbon emissions and promote biodiversity. Guests include Ealing Friends of the Earth, LAGER Can, Kailean from Wolf Fields Nature Reserve. We hope Dr. Bike will also be with us. Refreshments and lunches will be as sustainable as possible and very tasty. You can join in with simple crafts, sow wildflower seeds, join a litter-pick or meet and talk with MPs and Councillors. Neighbours and friends are welcome too! They will be able to have fun, share ideas and dream of a better way to look after God's amazing world.
Prayer Request
Please pray for Alan Hanley who is in Ealing Hospital Ward....Alan would welcome visitors.
Parish Prayer
These are the streets in our parish we are praying for this fortnight – please do pray for all who live there and for people to come to know Jesus
St Stephen's Avenue
Ravensbourne Gardens
Hollingbourne Gardens
Prayer for the Week
God of constant mercy,
who sent your Son to save us:
remind us of your goodness,
increase your grace within us,
that our thankfulness may grow,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.