The Marriage Sessions
Care for the Family

What are The Marriage Sessions?

At Care for the Family, they're passionate about supporting couples in their relationships, and that’s why they'll be streaming The Marriage Sessions, direct to your home – free of charge!

It’s a four-part resource exploring how couples can build a lasting relationship. Whether you’re newlyweds or have been married for years, these sessions will help your marriage blossom during these uncertain times – and all you need is an hour a week.

The key themes that are covered in the four sessions are:

CHERISH – the forgotten vow and how to keep your love alive

CONNECT – understanding each other and the art of communication

COLLABORATE – dealing with pressure points and handling conflict well

COMMIT – love is a choice when the going gets tough

Each of the four episodes includes a mix of real life stories, insight from leading relationship specialists and trusted wisdom from Rob Parsons.

Simply sign up today and, starting 11 May, you’ll receive a link every Monday for four weeks to tune in to that week’s session. You can then watch each episode at a time that suits you best.

Plus, you’ll also receive bonus midweek content to help you unpack the sessions even further. Just make sure you confirm to receive emails from us when you sign up.

Put the kettle on, relax, and enjoy The Marriage Sessions.