Our 150th Anniversary St-Stephens-150-Logo

In 2017 we have been celebrating 150 years as St Stephen's - in three different buildings!
In June 1867 the parish of Christ Church erected a temporary iron church in a field on present-day North Avenue to cater for Ealing’s fast-growing population. Nine years later this was replaced by the ‘old church’ – the landmark Victorian church, now in the middle of the roundabout – with its own parish.
In the early days there were few roads and only scattered grand houses nearby, so the church and vicarage stood alone. Over the next thirty years many of the streets and houses we know today were built and the church flourished.
Over thirty years ago the old church became structurally unsafe. Too expensive to restore, it was sold and converted to flats. Our current church, built around the old church hall, became today’s St Stephen’s.

What were our aims in this year? We wanted to:
· celebrate this anniversary with everyone in the area
· spread the word and love of Jesus throughout our neighbourhood in new ways
· tell more people in our community about St Stephen’s and welcome them in.

What will be happening? We finish with our Christmas Bazaar on 25th November (with glimpses of the past) then our wonderful Christmas Services.
If you have any stories you think we would like to hear, or interesting photos from before 1987, please click here.
We look forward to welcoming you.
Steve Newbold, Vicar