Welcome to the youth page!  

Our vision is to help the young people of St Stephen’s discover more about God through discipleship. Here is our information of what St Stephen’s Youth do throughout the week.

During the Lockdown
We still have the weekly sessions but we have moved them on to Zoom instead of in person. Zoom sessions include a catch up of how everyone is doing that week and a game or two and then we have a Bible study. We also sometimes have games evenings on Zoom.

Weekly sessions
Younger youth (Y7-Y10) meet on a Sunday mornings at 11am and meet 3/4 weeks out of a month, the first week of every month we are in Church
The room that we meet in on a Sunday can only take 3 households and 2 leaders in the room due to social distancing so booking is essential on the church website.  We also ask everyone to wear masks.
Older youth Y11-13s meet on Wednesday at 7:30pm until 8:30pm which is a Bible study focused group. Again, the same guidance is put in place.
Other activities
We also have a mentoring programme to help young people with faith and everyday life. Young people are offered a trained and DBS checked mentor from within the church community who will meet with them on a regular basis.
Social activities
We encourage the young people to get to know us and their leaders through activities like wide games in the park, games evenings in the church building or online games. We have recently had a pizza evening! 
For more information contact our Youth Pastor Beth Skelton  - beth@ststephens-ealing.org