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Sanjay Joshi

I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus”. Philippians 3: 14
My Christian journey is short but Ranmi has been a constant voice for 40 years reminding me of Jesus’s call to me for my freedom and redemption. Over the last couple of weeks, I have been through Psalm 12, “The Lord is my rock”, Exodus 15 2, “The Lord is my strength” back to Paul. Increasingly this verse has come to the forefront as the desire for freedom from the shackles of the lockdown has grown.
In the midst of this yearning for freedom, the world has been gripped by a call for justice and equality. Apparently, I am now part of the BAME group how odd I thought I was simply British! As with most Brits, Ranmi and I have been exceptionally privileged given our upbringing, schooling, ability to pursue our ambitions and a lack for nothing. With God’s grace, we have been able to do the same for our kids and they have acknowledged this as we have discussed recent events. However, it is clear that basic tenets such as freedom, respect, justice and equality are unavailable to millions. Jesus calls us to stand up and fight for all those who need it.
It was in this context that I was drawn towards this verse. Paul’s letters are a clarion call for unity, taking risks and ensuring that as Christians we take it upon ourselves to fight for justice. The message within the verse was a pointer for those early Christians to remember what awaits them. Even during his imprisonment with the risk of death, Paul calls for unity and for fight against injustice drawn by Jesus’s teaching and his knowledge that through Jesus we achieve real freedom. We must keep our eye on the prize that awaits us in Jesus.
Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of the great slavery hymn “Keep your eyes on the Prize” is inspirational as a song for freedom, salvation, redemption and the fight against injustice. It is a call to me as a Christian to stand up and be counted. Paul was transformed from a persecutor to an apostle preaching Jesus’s words and the path to real freedom. Surely my journey is easier than Paul’s.
Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
Thank you Lord for giving us the freedom to make choices, for being the cornerstone and for being our strength allowing us to look forward through these dark days toward the salvation and redemption that awaits us as your children.
Prayer request
Pray for unity, respect and the strength to stand up and fight for what we know is right, to fight against injustice and pray for peace