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This is a course for all who want to explore leadership from a Christian perspective.  

Who is the course for?
Leadership covers a variety of roles.  In church you may lead a small group, or a children’s group, a café team, or be on the Church Council.  At work you might be a team leader.  You might be a leader in a voluntary group or at home with your family.  So this course is for any Christian who is willing to commit to growing as a leader over the next year.  It includes potential leaders, new leaders and existing leaders; those leading in church, community and work situations.  You must have the support of your vicar if you are not at St Stephen's.

What’s the aim of the course?
Growing Leaders aims to equip leaders:

  • To be led more by Jesus
  • To lead more like Jesus
  • To lead more to Jesus
Here is a leaflet about the programme we ran 2016-2017.
Contact us to register your interest for our next one.