Easter Trail

From Sunday 28th March until Sunday 18th April. 

Come and learn about the story of the first Easter!  Children and parents/carers can follow a trail, starting at St Stephen's and continuing around local streets.  The route is here. Depending on walking speed, it will probably take about 30 minutes to complete. 
There are 10 posters on the route, each one has a fact, a question to talk about or a challenge to do and a QR code which links to the story of Easter from the Bible.  If you do not have a smart phone the story can also be found here. Perfect for families to walk and talk together.
We would love families to take a picture of themselves on the trail and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag St Stephen's (@StStephensW13).  We would also love to give children who complete the trail a gift - please email your name and address to hello@ststephens-ealing.org.