St Stephen's Garden - Easter 

The display in front of our church is decorated to reflect the season of Easter Day

Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed!

Easter Day (4th April this year) is the most important celebration in the Christian calendar.  It marks not only the climax of the Lenten period of fasting and penance but indeed the climax of the whole story of salvation as told in the Bible. 
The horror of Good Friday turns to joy as Jesus’ followers find the tomb in which his dead body was laid after the crucifixion empty with his grave clothes neatly folded inside. Jesus, has risen from the dead. They now know he truly is the Son of God and the Saviour of the world and.  Over the next few weeks various amongst them encounter the risen Christ. 
Although the various witness accounts have a different emphasis in each of the four Gospels the essential fact is clear.  Jesus has defeated death.  He died for our sins but then rose from the tomb in bodily form giving us the hope of new life.  This is at the heart of the Christian faith and what we celebrate on Easter Day. 
To mark this the display in the garden changes from reflecting the dark days of Lent to celebrating the hope and new life which Easter heralds.  There are spring flowers (one symbolically emerging from a block of wood), eggs and some chickens.   The tomb which was closed on Good Friday is open revealing the grave clothes inside.  Also in the garden are reminders of the events we have commemorated on Palm Sunday and during Holy Week.  Can you spot them?